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We Repair Bose Car Amplifiers

And Guarantee Repairs for a Minimum of 3 Years

We Are the Bose Audio Systems Experts!

Bose automotive audio systems are only sold in top-of-the-line automobiles. A lot of the cars they are built for last, and the owners want to keep them original. These systems are very sophisticated. They are custom-made for every car they go into. The design is based on the car makers' specifications and what Bose engineers have to work with. The sound seems to be coming from everywhere and will not distort (even with the windows open).

Man Operating Stereo via Remote

Bose does not make any of the head units even though their name is in it. The head units have outputs that are designed to meet Bose's specifications. These systems start to develop problems after five years. Usually the volume starts to diminish, which is not immediately noticeable. Eventually, all kinds of sound problems will appear. These problems are due to the fact that there are so many components, which make up these systems; something is going to give. The components that fail do so in every brand of car stereo we see, NOT JUST BOSE. We upgrade all these systems with higher tolerance components, so they should last for the rest of the life of the car.

If a customer has owned their car since new, they are more likely to rebuild these systems than someone that bought the car after it was five years old. The used car customer may think Bose is junk, because they never heard the system working correctly. Maybe the previous owner attempted to get the system "fixed". We have seen a lot of botched attempts at getting these systems rebuilt.

"No highs-No Lows; it must be Bose," a car stereo salesperson may say. They will suggest that the system should be "upgraded" to a new system without a clue as to what they're getting into. The saying should actually be, "No highs-No Lows; it must be BROKEN Bose."

Our customers that have previously tried to get their systems repaired or replaced elsewhere, have been very disappointed with the results and at what they have already spent. Sometimes they can never be restored after these so called repairs. They may also think they still have an original Bose system. This is because the automobile will still say Bose somewhere in the car, even if this is not the case.

A Man Enjoying Ride

We have been dedicated to restoring Bose systems since 1992. We rebuild them to last by using upgraded components to replace the parts that always fail. We understand and are continuing to learn more about these custom-engineered component systems as they evolve. When a Bose system works, it is a thing of beauty.

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